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Kentucky Should “Definitely Move Forward With Medical Marijuana,” Says Governor Beshear

Want yet another sign that you’ll soon be able to get a Kentucky Marijuana Card? How about Governor Beshear calling medical marijuana “the future?”

In a December 8 interview with WEVV, the CBS and Fox affiliate for Evansville, Indiana, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear reiterated his support for medical marijuana, and called on the state legislature to pass a law during the upcoming 2022 session.

“Kentucky should definitely move forward with medical marijuana. It is past time,” Beshear told WEVV.

Not the First Time Governor Beshear has Supported Medical Marijuana

Beshear had previously told WEVV in a March 20th interview that he wanted to see medical marijuana come to Kentucky, but in such a way that maximized the benefits to Kentucky farmers and businesses. When asked in this most recent interview, Beshear said his thoughts on the matter remained the same.

“Kentucky and our topography, our farmers could benefit significantly from legalization of medicinal marijuana and then allowing them to grow medicinal marijuana for other states,” the governor said.

Marijuana Reform Means Big Business for Entire States, not Just Farmers

But it isn’t just farmers who would stand to receive an economic shot in the arm from marijuana reform here.

Newsweek spoke with Jared Moffat of the Marijuana Policy Project, a pro-legalization advocacy group, who told them of the economic benefits to states that embrace marijuana reform.

“Legalizing cannabis for adults has proven to be a wise investment,” Moffat said. “Not only are states seeing the benefits of a regulated market and far fewer cannabis-related arrests—they're benefitting in a direct, economic way, too. Before legalization, money from cannabis sales flowed through an underground market that endangered public safety and disrupted communities. But now, we see all across the country that revenue from the legal cannabis industry is supporting schools, health care, and a range of other beneficial public programs.”

Medical Marijuana Law Could be Passed in Kentucky Next Year, but Other Reforms Won’t Take Effect Anytime Soon

If Kentucky’s farmers are to be able to sell marijuana to other states, as Beshear said he would like to see happen, it won’t be anytime soon. Because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, interstate mariijuana commerce is banned, and states with medical and recreational marijuana programs have to source all of their products in state.

But Governor Beshear may have meant the comment in a long-term planning kind of way, as he made it clear in his comments to WEVV that his thoughts on marijuana are rooted not in the legal landscape of now but in a better, more cannabis friendly world of tomorrow.

“Listen, this is the future. It's where things are going,” Beshear said about Kentucky and medical marijuana. “It's time we joined so many other states in doing the right thing.”

The governor is right to say that in legalizing medical marijuana Kentucky would be “joining so many other states.” Thirty-six states have established medical marijuana markets, and several of the remaining states have made real progress in their debates over the issue.

Further emphasizing the long-term nature of his marijuana opinions, Governor Beshear also told WEVV that he thought Kentucky should be open to the thought of legalizing recreational use at some point down the road.

“We also in the future ought to at least be open to conversations on the recreational side,” he said, “but what I'm advocating in this session is medicinal.”

Medical Marijuana is Really About Helping the Suffering

The governor didn’t only cite economic reasons when explaining his support for medical marijuana. He also noted the benefits to Kentuckians suffering from health conditions that can be safely and effectively treated with cannabis, saying that medical marijuana “can provide some relief for folks who would otherwise turn to more damaging substances.”

And indeed more than one study has indicated that medical marijuana laws do indeed result in less use of more dangerous medications.

According to Harvard Medical School’s blog, opioid prescriptions drop by an average of 3.74 million daily doses when dispensaries first open in states that establish medical marijuana markets. And that’s good news for the entire community.

In the words of the Harvard Health Blog, medical marijuana seems to mean “millions fewer bottles of prescription opiates consumed, sold, diverted, or abused.” The American Medical Association published a study that found that opioid prescription rates drop almost 6% in medical marijuana states. The AMA also published a study that found that in the average state with a medical marijuana program there were almost four million fewer doses of opioids dispensed annually than in states without those programs.

Medical Marijuana is Coming to Kentucky Eventually, and You Can Get Ready for it Now!

We’ve been saying that medical marijuana is coming to Kentucky eventually. With the governor now making his support loud and clear, we’re more sure than we’ve ever been that the relief that only cannabis can provide will soon be available to suffering Kentuckians. And while that day isn’t here yet, you can begin preparing for it now!

Reserve a medical marijuana evaluation appointment today with one of our knowledgeable and compassionate doctors, and we’ll book an appointment for you just as soon as Kentucky’s medical marijuana market is up and running.

You’ll meet with your doctor virtually, using your smartphone or computer for a telemedicine appointment. You’ll discuss your conditions and concerns with your doctor, and learn all about what medical marijuana might be able to do for you, all without even leaving your home. And you’ll even save $25 off the cost of your evaluation!


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