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Medical Marijuana for Kentucky Patients Suffering From PTSD

Will Kentucky Patients Suffering From PTSD Qualify for Medical Marijuana?

Day to day life for those suffering from PTSD can be incredibly challenging. Some patients have to deal with anxiety attacks that come on without warning as a result of a previous traumatic experience or event. The effects of PTSD can result in a severely reduced quality of life, but many patients suffering from the condition are reluctant to seek professional help because they don’t want to re-live the past trauma.

It’s difficult to know the exact number of Kentucky residents living with this condition, but based on estimates provided by the Sidran Institute, 5% of individuals in the United States live with PTSD at any given time. Considering this number, we can estimate that nearly a quarter of a million Kentucky residents currently live with this disorder.

There is good news for Kentucky residents living with PTSD. The state appears to be on the precipice of legalizing medical marijuana. Anxiety and stress are among the most common conditions that cannabis treats in states with medical marijuana programs, so this makes us confident that those suffering from PTSD will be able to get a medical marijuana card and utilize the natural healing that cannabis provides to treat their conditions. This new treatment has the potential to provide the relief that you need to live a happy and fulfilling life while managing the negative impact of PTSD on the mind and body.

How Could Medical Marijuana Help PTSD?

Studies throughout North America have shown that medical marijuana may be a effective when it comes to treating the mental and physical symptoms of PTSD. Based on these findings, the FDA has recently approved the use of medical marijuana for veterans with PTSD. Since cannabinoid receptors are located in both the brain and throughout the body, the research demonstrates that this treatment offers relief from things such as anxiety and hallucinations and can also ease the physical effects of PTSD like pain and insomnia.

Cannabinoid receptors in the body can help replace the neurotransmitters responsible for creating the “fight or flight” reaction that so often leads to extreme bouts of anxiety. A study conducted in New York reported that people with PTSD may actually have more cannabinoid receptors in the body than non-PTSD sufferers, indicating why medical marijuana is so helpful for those who suffer from the condition. Another study in Ottawa found that 72% of PTSD patients had less nightmares while receiving cannabis treatments. A study performed on rats showed that a cannabidiol medication (cannabis without the THC) caused the subjects to forget about pain they were feeling. When combined, these studies lead scientists to believe medical marijuana can help ease feelings of anxiety related to past experiences and lower the physical symptoms of anxiety.

The relief that medical marijuana offers those suffering from PTSD may reduce the risk of addiction and self-medication, two major risks directly-related to this disorder. Veterans who received cannabis by the VA in 2014 demonstrated a reduction in their use of alcohol and recreational drugs. And because they sought their marijuana from a medical source, their doctors were able to ensure that they were smoking the correct strain of marijuana in its purest form. In every single study conducted, this practice has led to healthier patients overall.


Cannabis History and PTSD

Several recent studies have been conducted in order to better understand the link between cannabinoids and post-traumatic stress disorder, but by no means is cannabis a new treatment. Interestingly, cannabis was first recorded as a treatment for PTSD over 500 years ago.

Cristobal Acosta, a notable Portuguese botanist, noticed that soldiers in India would smoke marijuana to combat bhang, or "battle fatigue." In his book, "On the Drugs and Medicines from the East Indies," Acosta noted that soldiers with PTSD used cannabis to calm the mind when sleeping and aid in the reduction of anxiety.

Get Approved for Medical Marijuana in Missouri Through Telemedicine

Kentucky Marijuana Card offers medical marijuana evaluations through telemedicine, so you can get approved for medical marijuana without leaving your home. As soon as the state of Kentucky legalizes medical marijuana, we’ll be ready to take you through a quick and easy process to see if you qualify!

In the meantime, CLICK HERE to reserve an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. We’ll even give you $25 off of your evaluation for filling out the form that will save your spot for the moment medical marijuana becomes legal.

How Can I Get a Kentucky Medical Marijuana Card to Help My PTSD?

Just as soon as a medical marijuana program is established in Kentucky, we will have office locations across the state where you can schedule an appointment with one of our medical marijuana certified compassionate doctors. Our understanding patient support staff are ready to take you through the process and help you along the way.

We realize this process can be confusing, so we will do everything in our power to make it as easy as possible for patients. We'll handle everything from helping you collect your medical records prior to your appointment to sending your recommendation to the state after the appointment.

Give us a call today if you have any questions. We’re here to help you every step of the way!

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